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Why Waterproof Luxury Vinyl?

As the humidity rises here in North Carolina, where the climate tends to fluctuate, it’s easy to see why so many of us opt for a floor that’s truly waterproof. Whether you live with four-legged family members, have small children in the family, or entertain frequently, installing a waterproof luxury vinyl floor is a decision you won’t ever regret. At Burlington Carpet One Floor & Home we can help you pick out your ideal flooring, starting with a careful inventory of your space to determine why waterproof flooring is your best bet. Visit our showroom, located at 3561 South Church Street in Burlington, NC today and experience the beautiful endurance of waterproof luxury vinyl flooring. 

Invincible H2O vinyl flooring

Waterproof vs. Water Resistant

While all luxury vinyl flooring is inherently moisture resistant, not all types are actually waterproof. Although a moisture-resistant vinyl can repel spills and other moisture from your floor’s surface, there’s still a very real risk of moisture seeping into your subfloor, which can create many problems as the years pass. A waterproof floor eliminates unseen damages stemming from any forgotten spills. 

Fortunately, there’s plenty of waterproof vinyl choices available today- all of which essentially form a watertight barrier separating your floor from your subfloor. Rigid core and WPC flooring are just a few kinds of ultra-durable, yet undeniably attractive waterproof vinyl options. 

Where to Install Waterproof Luxury Vinyl 

One of our favorite traits of luxury vinyl is its extreme flexibility. Vinyl, particularly waterproof varieties, can even be installed in your finished basement, in a three-season room, or in your bathroom. There are waterproof vinyl selections that are suitable for your home, as well as for your business. Many of them are made to look and feel exactly like tile, hardwood, or stone. 


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