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Carpet Guide

Choosing the right for your home can get a little confusing at times with all the different options available. That's why at Burlington Carpet One Floor & Home in Burlington, NC, we make the floor buying process easier for you. We carry only the best brands and products in our showroom for our customers to select from. Learn more about different carpet options by reading more below!


What are the Different Types of Carpet?


Carpet does a lot more for your home than just adding comfort and warmth. Some carpets are great for homes with allergy problems that do not trap dust in their fibers. There are even stain-resistant carpets that make your life much easier when the occasional spill happens. New technology has even made waterproof carpets a residential option as well, giving you peace of mind at all times.


Investing in the best carpet for your home means balancing functionality with style.


Carpet Fiber Types


Nylon carpets are sturdy, soft, and virtually stain proof, thanks to a resilient synthetic pile. Armed with a protective, clear coating, nylon carpeting is a favorite for moms-on-the-go and property managers, alike. Although pricier than many other synthetic options, nylon carpeting will prove valuable as the years pass.


Polyester carpets are engineered for affordability, with a pile that feels a lot similar to nylon. While there once was a time when polyester simply didn’t have nylon’s capabilities, today’s versions are sturdy, soft, AND offer some stain resistance.


Triexta carpets are one of the most hard-wearing rugs around. With its rough, synthetic patterns and short pile, triexta is made to hide everyday damages. It works wonderfully in commercial environments as it can withstand plenty of wear and tear.


Olefin/polypropylene carpets are made with luxury fashion in mind. This seriously soft and supple synthetic pile, which is woven into colorful and eye-catching patterns, is made for formal, quiet spaces and isn’t intended for high traffic.


Wool carpets are made by Mother Nature and are as soft as they are sustainable. With its pile sourced naturally from sheep fleece, wool carpeting is naturally mold and mildew resistant. It can last for many years if cared for, and holds true to its colors.


Waterproof Carpet


Although waterproof flooring was once limited to hard-surface options, modern ingenuity has recently availed us some seriously amazing carpeting selections aimed at keeping moisture and stains out, and ongoing comfort and style in. With waterproofing abilities literally woven into your carpet’s fibers, this carpeting keeps moisture safely at bay by coating each individual fiber with a durable soil and stain-repellent. An impenetrable backing seals the deal, preventing mildew and mold from growing and making soiling and stains just an unpleasant memory. Waterproof carpeting can go many places where traditional carpeting cannot. It’s an excellent addition to your finished basement, and is also a smart choice for hallways, entryways, and stairs. Of course, you won’t want to rule out these stunning styles for other areas of the home, like your living room or bedroom.



Stain-Resistant Carpet


While no carpet is totally stain-proof, flooring technology of today has come pretty close. Carpet manufacturers usually have a proprietary stain treatment that is built into the carpet. These treatments make it possible to buy a light-colored carpet floor, like beige, ivory, and even white, without as much worry over blemishes. Additionally, there are carpet fibers that are naturally stain-repellent, such as polyester and triexta. Although stain-resistant technology has come a long way, you should still clean up spills as soon as they happen. Always blot at the spill with a sponge, paper towel, or microfiber, rather than rubbing it. This will prevent the stain pigments from moving deeper into the carpet fibers.


Where Can Carpet Be Installed?


With changes in technology come better, more advanced features. Today’s stain and wear-resistant carpets can be installed in staircases, hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and more. Without these features, carpet is best for low-traffic areas like bedrooms and living rooms.


Our Carpet Selection


No matter the type of carpet you’re looking for, our carpet selection includes brands and styles you’ll love. We even have exclusive Carpet One brands like Relax it’s…Lees that you’ll only find in our stores! At Burlington Carpet One Floor & Home, we are the local carpet provider for Burlington and Guilford County, NC. You can browse our carpet collections online now!



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How to Maintain Carpet

Keep your carpet looking its best by taking care of it with

our easy tips. Over time you’ll appreciate how great it still looks!