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Hardwood Flooring in Burlington, NC

With its luxurious looks and beloved traditions, hardwood flooring compliments all types of spaces, adding enduring value. At Burlington Carpet One Floor & Home of Burlington, NC, we’re proud to be your destination for all types of solid and engineered hardwoods, with plenty of options to meet your style and needs.


Hardwood flooring offers up a boon of incredible benefits and can enhance your interiors like none other. Today’s savvy shoppers have a wide range of options to choose from, so it’s essential to do your homework before embarking on that final shopping venture. Here’s what you need to know as you start shopping for hardwood flooring.


Hardwood Styles


What’s your signature style? Regardless of the answer, there’s a hardwood for that. Hardwood flooring can be traditional or trendy. There are wide, rustic, and weathered planks for those preferring vintage-inspired designs, as well as sleek, glossy, and pristine planks for those whose tastes are more modern. Pick and choose your favorite finishes, stains, and colors for a customized look you’ll love for years to come.


Types of Wood


Hardwood flooring is as varied as the trees of the world’s forests. There are domestic hardwood products, as well as more exotic options. Pine, oak, and maple are among the top domestic hardwoods, while mahogany and other high-end exotics bring luxurious distinction. Remember that each hardwood species offers varying degrees of hardness, so make sure you choose a product that best meets your performance needs.


Hardwood & Humidity


Humidity and dry air can have a huge impact on your hardwood. As the environment in your home changes, so do your wood floors. You spent thousands on your hardwood floors, so a small investment into caring for them will help to make your hardwood floors look great and last for years in your home. It is essential to control and maintain the temperature and humidity in your home or office. High humidity rooms, like laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, are not suitable places to install hardwood in most cases. A professional installer will ensure there’s room between your hardwood floorboards to naturally expand and shrink with changes in temperature and humidity.


Solid vs. Engineered Hardwoods


Solid hardwood and engineered hardwood are tough to tell apart, and that’s the idea. There are many smart reasons for choosing engineered hardwood flooring, however. Engineered hardwood is made from up to seven layers of compressed woods and resins. It’s denser and more resilient, as well as significantly more affordable. Engineered planks can be used below grade, whereas solid hardwood cannot. Solid hardwood, on the other hand, adds ultimate curb appeal and can be refinished many times over the decades. Moisture and water will cause solid hardwood to shrink, expand, or crack as time passes. It’s undoubtedly beautiful but is best reserved for dry, quiet rooms. Solid hardwood should also be avoided in spaces below grade. Today, there are even engineered options made by Hydrotek, which offer full waterproofing.


Where to Install Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood flooring is ill-advised for your kitchen or bathroom. Chosen with care, hardwood can be installed in the rest of your home with confidence. Opt for an engineered hardwood for a finished basement or a room that’s particularly prone to heavy foot traffic. Careful climate control is necessary for homes heavy on solid hardwood.


Our Hardwood Selection


As a proud member of Carpet One Floor & Home, Burlington Carpet One is locally owned, locally operated, and locally centered. We can help you manage all of your flooring needs, offering up an expansive range of hardwood products in all leading brands. To learn more about our latest hardwood flooring options or browse our product displays, please visit us soon at 3561 South Church Street in Burlington, NC. You can also shop our hardwood flooring collections online now.


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