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Kitchen & Bathroom Flooring

What is the Best Flooring for Kitchens & Bathrooms

Burlington Carpet One Floor & Home is your local flooring and home store. If you are looking to start a project in your kitchen or bathroom, you can turn to us for help. We have stylish and durable flooring options for you to choose, whether you want to match your home décor or go in a different design direction. Choose from many of our waterproof and water-resistant flooring selections.

Our kitchen and bathroom flooring options are made to look stylish but also be functional for everyday living. We have flooring that is perfect for quick updates, and we have flooring that can completely transform your space. Generally, the best floors for kitchen and bathrooms are water-repellent, stain-resistant, and durable. They can hold up to busy foot traffic, pet claws, dropped plates, and other wear and tear. Fortunately there are more design options available today than ever before, so you can enjoy a variety of styles in these essential rooms in your home.


Tile is naturally an easy floor to care for, if you accidentally spill something you can simply wipe it up as you go. Available in a huge variety of types, styles, colors, patterns, and more, tile is well-known for its incredible design possibilities. Check out our tile design ideas to get inspiration. The most popular kitchen and bathroom tile options are ceramic and porcelain. Ceramic is affordable and light-weight, whereas porcelain is more durable, heavy, and resistant to heat and moisture. We also have natural stone tiles, which are usually more expensive and high-maintenance, but great for giving your space a high-end touch.

Luxury vinyl floors allow you to have natural looking flooring throughout your home without you having to worry about accidental spills causing major damage. Luxury vinyl is even warmer and more forgiving underfoot compared to tile. Many vinyl flooring options are waterproof, so you can install them in your bathroom without worry about moisture or humidity causing damage. We have luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile, which mirror porcelain, ceramic, stone, and natural hardwood. LV floors also have a highly wear-resistant surface that’s also non-slippery and stain-fighting.

Laminate floors are making a comeback. We have 100% waterproof laminate options that are more visually stunning than ever before, with rich natural hardwood looks and textures. Our Mirror Lake laminate brand is known for its enhanced style, strength, and durability. In fact, it has one of the strongest finishes in the industry, making it an exceptional choice for busy kitchens and bathrooms.


Waterproof hardwood is one of the latest revolutions in flooring. While in the past water and wood were not a great mix, today you can have authentic hardwood floors in your bathroom and kitchen with our Hydrotek collection. Hydrotek planks feature a state-of-the-art engineered construction in which a genuine hardwood veneer is laminated to a waterproof vinyl sublayer. The result is a 100% worry-free floor you can cherish for years to come.


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At Burlington Carpet One Floor & Home, we are the local kitchen and bathroom flooring provider for Burlington and Guilford County, NC. We pride ourselves on offering you affordable options that are great for any design goal or lifestyle. We’re committed to helping you build beautiful interiors that you’ll love for years to come.


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